Hey, I'm Conor. I'm a product growth operator and data scientist.

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💠 Notes on Shape Up

Oct 24, 20214 min • Reading

I made my way through Shape Up last month and really enjoyed it. Shape Up is a methodology for product development teams put together by Ryan Singer and the folks at Basecamp..

🏔 The First 90 Days

Oct 13, 20214 min • Career

The framework that I see repeated most often involves breaking things down by the first 30-60-90 days in a new role. While these numbers are mostly arbitrary, I tend to like thinking about things this way...

🗺 A Mental Model for Product Design

Sep 10, 20213 min • Product

There's a lot of complexity to unpack in how product design happens. My model for how the design process works has gotten less and less fuzzy over the years, but there's still a bit more clarity to be desired...

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