Hey, I'm Conor. I'm a product growth operator and data scientist.

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🧰 Tools I'm Loving Right Now

Nov 28, 20215 min • Tech

It's important to remember that outcomes are what matters, not the tools. But there's also a reason why tools are such a conversational centerpiece. Tools influence those outcomes a lot of the time, sometimes in a pretty big way...

📜 NLP and Self-Serve Analytics

Nov 19, 20214 min • Data Science

As GPT-3 and its counterparts have come into the mainstream, I've begun seeing products and conversations about the interaction between Natural Language Processing and data analytics appearing more and more frequently...

📓 Reforge Recap: Advanced Growth Strategy

Nov 10, 20214 min • Growth

The idea here is to zoom out and understand bigger-picture elements to how you grow rather than focusing in on specific tactics. As always, I recommend checking out the original content for a deeper dive...

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