Hey, I'm Conor. I'm a data scientist, builder, and writer based in NYC.

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⛓ Getting Started with Value Chains

May 30, 20207 min • Business

Value chains are the poster child of business strategy frameworks. I recently read quite a bit from Nathan Baschez and Ben Thompson on the subject. This post aims to get you from zero to one as quickly as possible...

🛠 Creating an Idea Development System

May 25, 20209 min • Writing

The assertion that standalone ideas aren't valuable has some truth to it. Interesting outcomes come from digging below surface-level assumptions. If you want to get the most out of your ideas, extra effort is required...

📈 A Practical Guide to A/B Testing

May 15, 20207 min • Data Science

I spent a lot of time on A/B testing during my time as a data scientist at Squarespace. Turns out, there's a dramatic mismatch between what you learn in statistics textbooks and how experimentation works in practice...

🎲 The Hard Thing About Hard Things in 6 Minutes

May 06, 20206 min • Reading

There are plenty of books that cover the theme of "how to start a startup" but few that cover the challenges that pop up afterward. The Hard Thing About Hard Things from Ben Horowitz definitely falls into the latter category...

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