Hey, I'm Conor. I'm a product growth operator and data scientist.

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🗺 Exploratory vs. Explanatory Visualization

May 20, 20223 min • Data Science

I’ve been kicking around this notion of exploratory vs. explanatory data viz. Despite what most BI tools might have you think, not all data viz is created equal. The charts that we cobble together often have different goals...

🎮 On Multiplayer Analytics

Apr 14, 20223 min • Data Science

“Figma for X” might not be as common a startup trope as “Uber for X” but it’s definitely catching up over the last few years. My main beef with catchphrases like these are how often they get thrown around without any context...

🥫 The Dashboard Maintenance Problem

Apr 02, 20224 min • Data Science

Maintaining dashboards and analytics is hard and only gets harder as you further delve into the world of self-serve analytics. This makes sense. More stuff being created means more stuff that can break or slip between the cracks...

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