Hey, I'm Conor. I'm a growth operator and data scientist based in New York.

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πŸ›  The Modern Startup Analytics Stack

Feb 27, 2021 β€’ 9 min

Analytics tooling and the discourse around these tools are becoming first-class citizens in the minds of startup founders. Several years ago this might have been a hot take. It definitely isn't anymore...

⚾️ Notes on The Mental Game of Baseball

Feb 01, 2021 β€’ 7 min

I first came across The Mental Game of Baseball in high school, and it's still one of the most influential books I've ever read. Harvey Dorfman outlines how one's mental approach influences physical output...

πŸ”… Notes on Awareness

Jan 26, 2021 β€’ 6 min

Ever since I first came across The Way to Love, I've been obsessed with Anthony de Mello and his writing. Awareness is cut from the same cloth and goes deeper on a number of ideas that will be on my mind for a long time...

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