Hey, I'm Conor. I'm a product manager and data scientist.

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🙏 27 Principles for 27 Years

Jul 14, 20233 min • Life

It’s that time of the year where I reflect on another trip around the sun. I’m turning 27 years old and unsurprisingly I don’t feel different than I did yesterday. But if I turn the clock back a year earlier, it does feel quite different now...

💭 Notes on Managing Oneself

May 05, 20233 min • Reading

We've got decades and decades of career left. This gets much less intimidating when you have a sense of how and when to change the work we do. Peter Drecker's Managing Oneself provides provoking questions on precisely this...

🧩 Notes on Good Strategy Bad Strategy

Mar 02, 20239 min • Reading

The most recent gap I discovered in my PM skillset was around developing and articulating a strategy in different product areas. I was recommended Good Strategy Bad Strategy to help out. It didn't disappoint...

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