Hey, I'm Conor. I'm a growth operator and data scientist based in New York.

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📓 Reforge Recap: Acquisition

Apr 22, 20216 min • Growth

I'm taking a Reforge growth course and summarizing my learnings here. Up this week is acquisition, a topic that I've learned a lot about since starting at Hugo and working more towards the top of the funnel...

🤖 Scaling Data and Self-Serve Analytics

Apr 16, 20215 min • Data Science

When I started my first job as a data scientist, we spent a lot of time thinking a lot about how to scale data analysis across the organization. Saying that you are "data-driven" is one thing...

📓 Reforge Recap: Engagement + Retention

Apr 13, 20217 min • Growth

I've been a fan of Reforge for a few years now, mostly interacting with the program through their blog posts. As far as product + growth thinking goes, it's tough to beat the stuff that they put out on a consistent basis...

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