Hey, I'm Conor 👋🏼

Born nine thousand, one hundred forty-two days ago. I work in startups and have lots of different interests. Right now, I'm focused on Growth at Hugo.
I operate somewhere in the intersection of growth, product, and data science. This means breaking down complex problems, building useful things, and experimenting with new ideas. If I'm not working on a project, you might find me reading or writing something new.
If you want to get in touch, I'm most responsive over email and I tend to be pretty active on Twitter as well.
Born and raised in Northern Virginia, I graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Data Science. I worked on data-related things at Mastercard and Unity before joining the Growth team at Squarespace as a Data Scientist. I've published an interview prep course with DataCamp and sometimes work with early-stage startups on a variety of different projects.
Quantified Self
I track all sorts of personal metrics to learn more about myself and my well-being. Enjoy this too-much-information view into my current state.
User manual
I created a playbook on how to work with me. It captures some of my strengths, weaknesses, and principles that I aim to follow.