User Manual

This is a playbook on everything Conor. It captures more about me and how I operate in a working environment.
🏠 Overview
  • INTJ-A Myers-Briggs: Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging, and Assertive. I think this description is a solid one.
  • 5-3-1 Enneagram: Investigator, Achiever, and Perfectionist. "Remarkably efficient, hard-working and competent, although a little bit anal. While sometimes self-righteous and impatient with others, they are pragmatic and tactful enough not to compromise their goals by being too inflexible. Can be clever, self-confident, perfectionist, arrogant and glacial." Yikes.
👍🏼 Strengths
  • Cross-functional: I’m a generalist at heart and enjoy projects that utilize a broad set of skills across product, data, and growth.
  • Systems thinking: I reduce complexity into systems in order to better understand. I love thinking deeply about interesting problems.
  • Moving fast: I get frustrated when I’m not producing frequent output and therefore I like to iterate at a pretty quick pace.
👎🏼 Weaknesses
  • Operating without context: I struggle contributing to decisions where I don’t have sufficient context or background.
  • Starting simple: My brain will skip baseline approaches and try to do too much, too fast. Don't be afraid to rein me in.
  • Overextending myself: I get excited by lots of things and sometimes (okay, all the time) that means I spread myself too thin.
🛠 Principles
  • Bias towards action: Getting started is the best way to begin making progress and start learning. Avoid unchecked inaction.
  • Growth mindset: I’m constantly challenging myself to improve. When I get too comfortable, my work and happiness suffer.
  • Bigger bets: We should be willing to pass on small opportunities in order to focus on potential step changes.
  • Time for thought: I block off time to explore ideas that might not relate to current projects. Without this time, I feel like a machine.
  • Keep it simple: Sometimes we have to go into the weeds, but it shouldn't be the default. If it's not the focus, keep it simple.
  • Opinions are useful: Both people and products should be opinionated. Taking a stance helps move the conversation forward.
  • Learning in public: I'm happier when I'm sharing things that I find helpful. This often means a steady drip of blog posts.
📚 Favorite Books
🙏🏼 Favorite Quote
Put a ding in the universe. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. — Steve Jobs
📲 Get in touch
If you want to get in touch, I'm most responsive over email and I tend to be pretty active on Twitter as well. Let me know what's on your mind!