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🤝 People Want to Help You

Jan 24, 20202 min • Self-Improvement

It’s hard asking for help. Whether it’s something big or small, it’s never been easy for me. Recently, I thought some more about why this is the case. It’s not the feeling of inadequacy...

🧠 Occam's Razor Explained

Jan 20, 20202 min • Self-Improvement

Occam's Razor is a principle from Philosophy that is often simplified to the assertion that the simplest answer is normally the correct one...

⚡️ Searching for Energy

Jan 17, 20203 min • Self-Improvement

Energy is the level of intensity, passion, or excitement that we bring to the table. Recently, I’ve found that it’s the key that unlocks a lot of things for me...

⏳ The Perils of Unchecked Inaction

Jan 16, 20203 min • Self-Improvement

When you come to a crossroads, you are often faced with the decision to do something or wait it out. This can be simplified to a decision between action and inaction...

🔥 The Simmering Six

Jan 15, 20203 min • Self-Improvement

There is never-ending debate about how many hours you should work to be successful, yet avoid burning out. There's no right answer to this, but Josh provides a useful framework for thinking about work-life balance...

📆 2019 Year in Review

Jan 13, 20208 min • Reflection

As 2019 comes to a close, it only makes sense to reflect back on how things went. I’ve been doing this exercise for a few years now informally, but this is my first time publishing it...

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